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"" web site

The main SiteTruth web site, "" logs its requests. We log the IP address for each request for statistical and site traffic management purposes. We don't use any of this information for marketing purposes and do not resell it.

Our Google based search page demo passes information to those search engines, and all their usual logging and privacy issues apply. Doing a search via SiteTruth does not make your request anonymous to the Google search engine. SiteTruth is not an anonymous proxy service.

This site does not currently use "cookies", but may do so in future to store user preferences. We do not use "web bugs" or "Google analytics".

"" web site

Our blog site, "", allows registration, but we use that to filter out spammers, not for marketing. Anything you post there is effectively made public. We do not guarantee the anonymity of posting on our blog.

Browser add-ons

Our browser add-ons (Ad Limiter, SearchRater, and AdRater) collect some information from the user.

Ad Limiter "phones home" to SiteTruth's servers, but tells us as little as possible. Ad Limiter sends the domain name associated with each new search result link you see to SiteTruth. Thus, we can tell what links the search engines have shown you, but cannot tell what web pages you have been viewing or the search keywords you used. We can't tell if you click on a link.AdLimiter does not use "cookies" or any other user identifiable information other than your current IP address. We do not use this data for marketing purposes, or sell it.

If we change any of this, the changes will not take effect until you download and install a new version of AdLimiter .

AdLimiter retains a 7-day cache of domains rated. Once a domain has been rated, the add-on does not contact the server about that domain again for 7 days.

In Firefox Private Browsing mode. there is no communication with the SiteTruth servers, there are no cache updates, and all ratings are replaced by a mask icon. [Note (Apriil 2, 2013): due to a change in Private Browsing in Firefox 20, version 1.5.1 of the Ad Limiter add-on is operating on Private Browsing pages. This is fixed in Ad Limiter 1.6, which should be automatically downloaded to users with automatic updating enabled.]

SearchRater (which is now obsolete) is an earlier version of Ad Limiter, and the same policy applies.

AdRater rates Google search ads, and tells us what domains appear in Google search ads. We use this data to collect statistics about advertisers, not users.

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