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SiteTruth integrity ratings
A guide for users

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SiteTruth verifies that a web site is associated with a identifiable business, and checks that the business has complied with basic legal requirements for selling via the World Wide Web. The question SiteTruth tries to answer is "If you needed to get a refund from this business, could you find them?" If the answer is "no", the site gets a low rating.
Site ownership and business identity verified. No significant issues found. Green checkmark
Site ownership not clearly verified, or some issues exist with the business. Yellow questionmark
Unable to verify site ownership or existence of business, or major negative information about the business was found. Red X
Non-commercial site Blank circle

SiteTruth ratings are based on public or commercially available information, automatically gathered from multiple sources including public records and business credit ratings. They reflect the legal and commercial legitimacy of the business, not consumer opinion or satisfaction.

For details of what SiteTruth knows about a site, click on its colored icon.

SiteTruth is based in Silicon Valley, in California, USA, and applies United States and California legal standards when evaluating businesses. Many businesses on the Web operate anonymously, without giving a clear statement of their ownership or location. Operating an online business anonymously is a criminal offense in California, and SiteTruth thus treats businesses with anonymous ownership as not being legitimate.

If your site has a low rating, see our webmaster guide.

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