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Privacy policy and disclaimers

Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to the "alpha test version" of SiteTruth.

This site collects identifiable information about businesses and web sites from multiple sources.

This site does not collect personally identifiable information from users of the site's rating and search services.

This site does not currently use "cookies". The IP addresses of site users are logged, but are used for statistical purposes and for abuse control, not for marketing.

The links returned by SiteTruth's search and rating system are those of the other search engines indicated, and clicking on them may cause logging of personally identifiable information by those search engines. SiteTruth does not have access to that information.


SiteTruth ratings are provided on a "best effort" basis. We make no guarantee that any specific site highly rated by SiteTruth is "safe" or safer than other web sites generally. Some of the data sources we use may not be current or may contain incorrect business information.

SiteTruth. Search, with less evil.

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